The young photographer guide: Becoming adept at the craft

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The young photographer guide: Becoming adept at the craft

March 26, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Los Angeles-based nature photographer Robert Testagrossa notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the plans of millions of people all over the world, photographers included.  And while he hopes that this year will be better, he mentions that photographers can still sharpen their skills even amid the global health crisis.

It goes without saying that while photography doesn’t necessarily require being close to other people, there is still a big risk when going outside one’s home.  That said, Robert Testagrossa notes that nearly everything one needs to do to improve on their photography skills can be done at home.

As a treat to young photographers everywhere, Robert Testagrossa shares his three go-to practice routines, which he still does, even after all his years of photography. 

The camera

The modern camera used by photographers today may be intimidating at first because of its complexity, especially to newcomers.  Add accessories such as lenses and shutters plus all the different settings, and the modern camera can pose a huge challenge for new shutterbugs.  However, this shouldn’t discourage anyone.  The camera can do just about anything in terms of capturing images.  Robert Testagrossa suggests that young photographers get a feel of their cameras, especially if they are new gadgets, so they can get used to moving.  Then next up, read up and learn about the settings and accessories.

One subject, multiple takes

An appliance, a toy, a knick-knack, or even a piece of fruit can help young photographers practice their photography fundamentals.  Robert Testagrossa says that experimenting with angles, lighting, and camera settings can help young photographers see how different subjects appear from image to image, depending on these factors.  By learning the many creative ways a subject can be photographed, a photographer can tell a different story with each take on the subject.  It is also a great way to enhance creativity.

People and pets

According to Robert Testagrossa, one of the best photography training routines he does regularly is to look for live subjects to shoot.  From people to pets, when photographers feel like they need the challenge, capturing live subjects is a great way to develop patience, judgment, and a photographer’s ability to adjust quickly, depending on the situation.  Shooting subjects that move at different speeds also greatly improves a photographer’s capability to anticipate movements.  This skill will prove to be of significant worth when photographing sports, events, and wildlife.

Robert Testagrossa is a photographer who specializes in nature photography.  He is based in Los Angeles, CA.  For more blogs like this one, check out this site.