How nature photography has benefitted Mother Nature

nature photography.

How nature photography has benefitted Mother Nature

March 26, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Seasoned nature photographer Robert Testagrossa tells people that photography can make a profound impact on conservation efforts.  He has seen firsthand how photographs have moved people to do their part in helping the cause. 

In today’s blog, Robert shares his thoughts, hoping that more people will see the power of taking photographs of nature.

Nature photography can raise awareness of the natural world’s current plight.

A picture paints a thousand words, as the adage says.  Nature photographers who take photographs of the many faces of nature bring attention to various issues.  It’s these images that invite people to take a look into the problems that photographers have witnessed.  And this raises awareness and somehow lights the fire under people looking for something to fight for, says Robert Testagrossa.  These pictures need not be award-winning or striking.  They only need to be important.

Nature photography helps set up an agenda for the future.

If images taken through nature photography get enough attention and people start talking about an issue more than the pictures, odds are wheels will start turning really fast.  This is an incredibly crucial step in the fight to protect nature.  As long as people are talking about the cause, it is alive.  When questions are asked and answered, people learn more about the problem and what they need to do.  According to Robert Testagrossa, the key is information and education.  And when the media catches wind of it, people can be assured the preservation plans will take flight.

Nature photography can help turn intentions into plans, and plans into action.

To recap, when photographs of nature are shown to the public, whether through an exhibit or a website, it raises awareness.  Through this awareness, people talk about what they see in photographs, and plans start to be made.  When the media gets involved, that’s when things really get going.  Everyone involved is called to take action on the matter.  If the photo gets enough attention through exhibits, websites, and social media, then it won’t take long before organizations from both the private and public sectors come in with an offer of support and funding.   

Robert Testagrossa reminds people that it doesn’t even have to be about funding all the time.  Pictures can inspire people and organizations to be accountable for making changes or providing solutions to current problems. 

Robert Testagrossa  is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in nature photography.  He is passionate about nature and the outdoors.  To learn more about his work, visit this page.