Essential tips and reminders for young shutterbugs

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Essential tips and reminders for young shutterbugs

March 26, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Los Angeles native and veteran nature photographer <a href=” “>Robert Testagrossa</a> has progressed in his skills throughout the years because of constant practice and study.  As his way of helping people who plan to enter the wonderful world of photography, he shares the things he has learned through the years in his series of blogs. 

For this blog, Robert Testagrossa shares three more essential tips and reminders for budding shutterbugs everywhere.

Never stop learning.

The first important philosophy that Robert Testagrossa wants young photographers to remember is to <b>never stop learning<bi>.  Never stop reading about photography, even if things get boring and technical.  All the information will serve photographers well.  It is always helpful to look at how the more senior photographers work and what they do to produce exemplary images. 

People new to the hobby need to have a clear idea of the standards in photography.  The internet holds virtually endless examples, along with some experimentation tips from the best photographers in the world.  Watching videos of photography influencers and vloggers is also highly recommended.

Composition is key.

Nowadays, photographers can take as many pictures as they please, thanks to digital technology.  No longer are people concerned with the price tag that comes with continuous buying of film rolls. 

Unfortunately, Robert Testagrossa says that this has prompted many photographers to be nonchalant with the craft.  Since photographers can easily erase the photographs and take thousands more, it’s easy to forego learning the fundamentals.  However, the best photographers are not only disciplined; they absorb the image in front of them and see composition elements they could use before taking a shot.  This is one of the things that separates ordinary photographers from the greats.

Use basic tools first.

Beginners in photography will do best by honing their creativity before anything else.  To achieve this, they have to understand that it will take time to reach a level of mastery.  One of the crucial aspects of early photography training is the use of basic tools.

For example, before progressing to more expensive DSLR gear, entry-level cameras can help young photographers get used to depending on their instincts.  This allows them to develop their natural talent.   Also, Robert Testagrossa says that there’s no point in getting that expensive camera at the start.  It might help if young photographers think of the higher-level cameras as tools they need to earn through experience and skill development.

Robert Testagrossa is a photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.  He specializes in nature photography and is very fond of sharing his experiences with aspiring photographers.  For more on his work, visit this page.


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