nature photography.

Robert Testagrossa is based in Los Angeles, CA.  He is a photographer who specializes in nature photography. He is also well-versed and accomplished in other genres of photography.  Robert has studied the craft for much of his life, as it has become a lifelong passion for him.

On this site, Robert Testagrossa will be sharing several interesting subjects that range from the benefits of nature photography to honing one’s skills even when indoors to more technical topics that revolve around cameras, lenses, and other essential equipment.

Robert Testagrossa has never stopped learning about photography.  Throughout the global health crisis, he has made it a point to learn new things about photography.  These include the different and safe ways to conduct shoots in today’s world, new techniques to broaden one’s technical know-how, and new methods that novice photographers can use while shooting in nature. 

The blogs on this site are intended mainly for people who have just found their way into photography and are eager to learn more about the art.  That said, Robert is optimistic that there are things on the site that even veteran photographers may find helpful, or at the very least, entertaining.

As a seasoned photographer, Robert believes that talent and skill will always be more important than equipment.  However, he notes that to improve on that talent and skill, photographers need to have the right information.  Like many photography enthusiasts, Robert loves a good camera.  But he also constantly reminds newcomers that a good eye and a creative mind trumps good gear. 

Within the blogs on the benefits of nature photography and essential information for photographers while traveling and hiking, Robert Testagrossa imparts everything he has learned.  His goal is to provide photographers young and old with a new perspective on the craft.  He also hopes that his blogs will serve as an invitation to fellow photographers who have not yet tried nature photography to go on their own adventure, either in a national park, nature preserve, or any place they’ve never been to before.

Furthermore, Robert Testagrossa will also be releasing blogs that touch on important technical rules and hacks that will surely benefit photographers of all skill levels.  He will explore topics such as natural light, the ideal way and time to use it, the proper gear when shooting landscapes and wildlife, and some of the best affordable camera equipment available today.